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Voices From Care Cymru is an independent Welsh Charity. We are young person led, which means everything we do is guided by what care experienced young people tell us. We want to give you the opportunity to have your voices heard and positively influence change and the reduce the stigma young people face around “being in care”. One of our projects has been looking at the When I’m Ready Scheme.

What is the When I’m Ready Scheme?stay nice


  • The When I’m Ready Scheme was introduced by Welsh Government, it is specific to Wales
  • It is embedded within the Social Services & Wellbeing Act (Wales) 2014 and was piloted in a few local authorities in Wales from 2014.
  • Welsh Government introduced the scheme to the remaining local authorities in April 2016.

What's the aim of the scheme?

The main purpose of the scheme is to allow young people in foster care the opportunity to stay with their foster carers past the age of 18 – providing both the young person and the carer want to continue the placement. Before the When I’m Ready Scheme young people had to leave their foster home at 18 whether they wanted to or not.

All local authorities in Wales should be offering When I’m Ready as an option for all young people in foster care.  Plans for When I’m Ready should begin during your Pathway Plan, which starts just before your 16th birthday.

If you are in foster care and under 18, When I’m Ready should be an option for you.  Speak to your Personal Advisor or Social Worker for information on the scheme.  You can always contact Voices From Care Cymru for independent advice and guidance.”

Is When I’m Ready right for me?